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Since 2014, the Glazov Branding team has been creating identity, packaging, presentations and websites. We research the market, conduct in-depth interviews, reveal positioning and find a name. Founded in Saint-Petersburg - creating everywhere.
8 years — 160 projects
Selected Brand Building Works
Spare parts for forest machinery
Asphalt plants
Household brand
Grocery chain
Road construction company
HoReCa store
Dairy produce
Facade company
Financial organization
Family farm
Welcome to the website of Glazov Branding. We are a brand development agency. Branding for us is an inspiring process and the art of speaking the languages of the business and the buyer at the same time. It helps us create brand strategies and turn them into strong visual and verbal communications.
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Brand as a business tool
Our most important task is to create armor-piercing brands instead of cozy logos. What does a brand provide?
Get noticed
We crystallize the benefits of your product or service into positioning and attributes, which will ensure sales growth.
Move fast
A bright and emotional brand that is relevant to people's needs is quickly spreading in the information field.
Defeat competitors
Brand design takes into account the weaknesses of competitors
Save on advertising
The creative concept will allow you to create strong advertising without involving expensive specialists and agencies.
Protect yourself
Develop your brand without fear of a competitor having a similar name – the law is on your side.
Increase capitalization
The brand will make the company highly liquid and increase the value of the company's intangible assets.
Glazov Branding
Saint Petersburg
We create brands that make money
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