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About the agency
Welcome to the website of Glazov Branding. We are a brand development agency that focuses on creating a holistic brand, a brand complex that includes strategy, naming, logo and corporate identity; Subsequently, we activate the brand - we launch it into life with the help of visual communications from packaging to advertising media.

When a business introduces a new product to the market, the customer is only exposed to packaging or creative advertising. By studying the characteristics of your industry, consumers, competitors, we are looking for ways and means to convey the main thing to the buyer.
For us, branding is the art of speaking two languages: business and customer - creating brand strategies and turning them into effective communications. Our goal is to increase real business assets at the expense of the brand; this sets us apart from classic consulting or design agencies. For us, a beautiful brand is one that earns.

According to the latest survey of customers who launched the brand we created, their company's turnover increases by an average of 21%.

Since 2014, we have developed over 100 branding projects in various fields:

Fast moving goods (FMCG), IT companies and products, farms, retail chains, banks, industrial, construction and road companies. We are based in St. Petersburg, but we are ready to go anywhere in Russia to get to know the customer's company or product in detail,
and also conduct research. We are able to work with ethnically homogeneous regions that require immersion in local specifics and culture, understanding of the peculiarities of business processes and traditions.
For 7 years we have created brands in such cities and regions as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kolomna, Kingisepp, Arkhangelsk, Valaam Island, Belgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Georgievsk, Grozny, Ufa, Kazan, Yoshkar-Ola.

We develop brands using our own methodology - BRAND INSIGHT. Our approach combines the tools of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, strategic marketing and design.
The essence of the method is to transform consumer insights into the brand idea through multi-stage associative-functional maps. This allows you to see the situation through the eyes of the consumer, while maintaining impartiality.

If you are planning to create or update a brand, we will be happy to meet with you in person or online and discuss the task. See you!

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