Rebranding of a chain of grocery stores within walking distance
Rebranding of a chain of grocery stores within walking distance
It used to be the name of a trading network that entered the market back in the 90s, one of the first farm stores in Russia.
It has a large number of competitors with identical names, because the phrase "fresh meat" cannot be registered as a trademark of a food retailer. This confused customers and threatened the development of the company.
In the conditions of high competition, Meat Fresh lacked a brand with a clear positioning, which could organize a new sales format, retaining the audience and enhancing the benefits.
Towards the middle
Researching the market, we realized:
Not all buyers are still willing to spend half a day on a trip to a hypermarket to buy groceries for future use.
It takes a lot of time and effort, and the average check, even with stocks, creates a feeling of high cost, so large purchases once a week have been significantly reduced in favor of daily purchases.
The trend for natural products also affected:
People buy fresh goods in small quantities and do not refuse to go to the store again if they see the benefit.
Based on research, we have developed brand positioning:
Daily Absolute Freshness
Thus, we have clearly defined a niche in which there is a place only for products with a short shelf life and natural composition, as well as strictly verified suppliers. At the same time, the strategy of "absolute freshness" should be reflected in all aspects of the store.
From the words of regular customers, it became clear to us: in renovated stores, it is important to preserve the consumption culture typical of St. Petersburg residents and not to give up the advantages that supermarkets cannot boast of.
Customers appreciate the opportunity to touch the product:
An important role is played by live communication with the seller, who remembers the individual preferences of the buyer.
When creating a retail concept, we tried to take the best from Soviet grocery stores and adapt it to the modern customer.
Based on the collected data, we built a sales strategy:
Taste before buying
Take it in hand
Introduced additional service attributes
Developed promotional offers
Created an effective navigation system
Think over the principles of displaying goods
Defined priority assortment groups
The former name of the grocery chain did not fit into the concept of the new brand, did not reflect the breadth of the product range, and could not be registered.
It was important that the new name express the idea of "absolute daily freshness", be close and understandable to the buyer and not create a sense of high cost.
We managed to find a protectable phrase that meets these requirements.
"Fresh basket" symbolizes naturalness: it refers to nature, rural life and manual labor - it creates the image of a store in which all the freshest things are already carefully collected for you.
It should also be noted that the word "basket" itself in the minds of buyers is associated with daily purchases.
As a logo, we have created an unambiguous, instantly readable sign.
This image triggers the associations needed for the brand related to freshness, the family table, inexpensive and healthy food.
The shape of the beet was taken as the basis
We chose a year-round vegetable as the personification of the constant freshness of the entire range.
Thanks to the contrasting combination of colors, the logo is visible from a great distance, especially among the cityscape of St. Petersburg.
In support of the new brand, we have developed image concepts
On April 12, 2017, Rospatent issued a certificate of registration of the trademark "Svezhaya Korzina"
Project team
Alexandra Chebotareva
Egor Smirnov
Sagitov Artur
Alexander Glazov
Alexey Ignatiev