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Naming and slogans
We will create a recognizable and protectable name and slogan that will form a lasting impression
An effective name should not only be remembered, but first of all it conveys the idea, brand positioning. The name will tell about the company, service or product, forming a stable, long-term impression in the minds of the audience. This effect is supported by a slogan or slogans that verbally reflect the essence of the company or reveal its main advantage.

Service description
Since 2014, we have been developing names for companies in various fields: FMSG products, IT companies and products, farms, retail chains, banking products, industrial, construction and road companies, territories, the public sector, charitable foundations.

We develop names not for a beautiful portfolio, but to achieve the goals of the customer: increasing fame, increasing sales, conveying the values and benefits of the brand to the audience.

  • Customers perceive the name through the experience of interacting with similar products and services in the market, this is the first thing they encounter, so the name always speaks the language of the audience;
  • By name, the company is called, advised and distinguished from competitors;
  • We take into account the cultural environment;
  • Check for semantic noise;
  • Names are developed by a creative team of several namers, with the support of a brand strategist, linguist and patent attorney.

Key milestones
  • Setting the task based on the brand strategy
  • Semantic cloud preparation
  • Generation and selection of titles
  • Check for relevance to the task
  • Phonetic and linguistic expertise
  • Check for semantic noise and negative associations
  • Check for competitive purity in open sources
  • Legal due diligence by a patent attorney for protection

Number of options
Free generation of ideas about 200 options;
—> after the first filter, there are about 100 options left;
—> a thorough filter selects 50 relevant title options;
—> in the final, after legal verification — 5-7 clean and free titles that fully correspond to the task.

Minimizing the time, money and stress wasted on apparently inaccessible names. Together with the agency's partner, patent attorneys from Uskov & Partners, we accompany the registration of created names, correspond with Rospatent, and help with payment of fees. All the names created by us have successfully received state registration as trademarks.

Method of work
We develop names using our own BRAND INSIGHT methodology, the essence of which is the transformation of consumer insights into names through multi-stage associative-functional maps. This technology allows you to see the situation through the eyes of the consumer, while maintaining impartiality.

Basic naming services
  • Company name
  • Product name
  • Names for services
  • Security check
  • Accompanying during registration
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