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Personal brand of a public speaking coach
The Glazov Branding agency team developed the concept of a personal brand and the website of Alexei Markov: an expert in the field of public speaking, a trainer for the participants in the Voice show, Black Star artists, businessmen from the Forbes list, deputies and governors.
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About the trainer

Alexey Markov is an active teacher at the Russian Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS), TV presenter, author of books, actor, director and screenwriter. Collaborated with the First Channel show and the Black Star label as a star mentor. For 23 years he has been teaching oratory to businessmen, politicians and artists.
What was done

The agency team developed a personal brand concept and a personal website for Alexey Markov: formed positioning and set up communications. The metaphor of the project was the image of a guide through the desert. This idea came about when we found out that Alexey has Jordanian roots. The task of such a person is to help the traveler for the first time go through an unknown road and not get lost in the middle. The same help is needed for a beginner speaker who does not have many years of speaking experience behind him, and Alexey leads his clients to a significant result.

Positioning has become the starting point for the work of image and style experts. The communication strategy prepared by the agency also included recommendations for the development of social networks and a route map. The site, made in the style of a magazine layout, became the epitome of positioning. The "elegant classic" style creates a picture of the future for the speaker - a premonition of success, but not without pretentiousness or arrogance.
Markov method

Together with Alexey, we formulated the concept of a "method" – a tool that outstrips the author's personality in its significance, which allows you to quickly learn to control yourself in front of a large audience. Its essence is to remove the barriers that prevent the speaker from becoming the master of the situation and begin to manage the impression of the listeners. According to Alexei Markov, there is no secret here, only the correct application of acting techniques that absolutely anyone can master.

A personal brand lives and develops independently. After completing the entire range of works, Alexey Markov launched his own YouTube channel, which has already begun to bring new customers.

Project team: Ekaterina Tsyganenko, Margarita Kaplieva, Yuri Yeroshin, Yegor Smirnov, Alexei Ignatiev, Alexander Glazov.

April 2, 2021

Project: markovmetod.ru

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