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Trend analysis
We track trends, compare industry data and find solutions that can be used in your business
Any business is tied to the market, and whether we like it or not, to the trends and tendencies that the environment dictates to us. They can sometimes be tricky to figure out, but we'll follow your industry's development over the past decades and try to identify new approaches that can be used in your business strategy.

What are we looking for?
Trend analysis allows you to anticipate sustainable changes in a particular market segment and predict the possible behavior of consumers, as well as the development of your industry as a whole.

By analyzing trends, we are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What triggers prompted the emergence of a trend?
  • What is its longevity and breadth of coverage?
  • What expectations do consumers have?
  • How is this trend working out in other markets?

Some areas of business are updated every year, others are conservative and do not change for decades. Thanks to trend analytics, you can find changes in consumer values, priorities, perceptions and habits of people. This information will help you find insights for new products.

Expanding search boundaries
When creating a brand, we explore both local changes at the level of production or industry, and global trends: for example, financial, macroeconomic, population, raw materials, infrastructure and environmental changes, as well as cultural and ethnographic features of territories.

Trends are important, but they are not a determining factor for creating a brand, because when discussing the future, one cannot forget about the real consumer with his established habits and tastes.

Thanks to trend analytics, changes in consumer values, priorities and perceptions can be found. This information will help you find insights for new products and ideas.
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