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Style standards guide
This is a document that will show you how you can use your corporate identity while maintaining brand integrity.
The brand exists in dynamics: it lives and develops along with the market, and must adapt to new conditions, whether it be a change of media or a complete digitalization of products. Without regulations, instead of style, you will get many interpretations. To resist such chaos, a guideline is needed - a passport of standards.

Service description
Over the years of work, we have observed many times how, after completing an order, a client receives a quality brand, but does not understand at all how to maintain and develop it. At the time of corporate identity approval, these laws seem obvious, but if you do not fix them in a special guideline, over time even the basic principles will be forgotten and you will have to rely on intuition when designing new media. Distortion of the logo, colors or graphic elements not only affects recognition, but also leads to a decrease in legal protection. To prevent our clients from getting into such situations, we accompany all the results of the work with a guide to the use of corporate identity.

Brand protection
A style standards passport will protect visual communications from distortion. Focusing on the guideline, company employees will be able to independently adapt the logo and style to different media. Also, this document can be sent to third-party contractors: design studios, advertising, branding and digital agencies, architectural bureaus, printing houses, operational printing centers and any other organizations that will develop brand media.

Economical effect
The result of this work affects the economics of the business. By adhering to design standards, you spend less time negotiating media and produce all the products you need the first time. Due to the same factor, you increase brand awareness and sales grow, as customers quickly remember your company at a visual level.

Stages of work

  • Before starting the development of a style standards passport, we work closely with the customer's company and study the industry in which the new brand will exist, taking into account its specifics when selecting priority media;

  • We are developing a standards passport together with the designer who created the logo and corporate identity of the brand, the leading brand strategist and patent attorney who accompanies the registration of trademarks.

What does a standards sheet consist of?

  • Basic elements of corporate identity
    Color solutions and acceptable options for using a brand name, logo field, corporate color, main and system font, typography (letterheads and business cards), style-forming elements, photo style.

  • Outdoor decoration
    Signboards, signs, signs and flags, billboards and any other visual elements necessary for the design of the external space.

  • Interior design
    Navigation elements, advertising stands, stoppers and any other visual elements necessary for interior design.

  • Additional media
    Badges, staff uniforms, car designs or any other specific media depending on the market segment.

  • Social networks
    Designing advertising communications and a personal profile of the company in social networks.

The guideline is not static: it changes over time, and we are always ready to help clients adjust the previously chosen course to current needs.

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