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Packaging design
We will create functional packaging that will emphasize both the advantages of your product and the uniqueness of the brand
The best packaging is its absence: only in this case the buyer interacts directly with the goods before buying. However, often we can only appreciate the properties of the product when we bring it home. This takes the status of the packaging to a new level and makes the slightest mistakes meaningful, because a successful purchase is the conformity of the content with what the design promised.

Service description
One of the main properties of packaging is the preservation of goods. In essence, it is only for this, so if the packaging is not   able to preserve the consumer qualities of the product, the job is done poorly. However, all the advantages of an ideal design can be useless without good delivery, and this brings us to the second property - the ability to communicate. Competent packaging design will help your brand differentiate on the  shelf and  establish a dialogue with the consumer. This is important, because often the competition is huge, and it means that it is necessary to think through all possible sales mechanisms.

Stages of packaging creation
We do not  create packaging from scratch - this task is always based on research of competitors and consumers, trend analysis and  developing a brand strategy. Only by following this path, you can be sure of  the decisions being made, whether then design from scratch, easy redesign or complex change of technological approaches. When the brand complex is created, the work on packaging creation goes through the following stages:

  • Development of creative solutions
  • Creation of a design project
  • Development of design on various types of packaging
  • Preparing layout for printing and specification for packaging production

Shape Factor

When developing the form, we remember the consumer, because the packaging should easily fit into his habitual rhythm of life. For example, when designing a drinking yogurt bottle, we need to understand how, where and when a person will consume it. In other words, no one will buy  perfect quality yogurt for work that simply does not fit in a bag. At the same time, if the product is intended for use at home, completely different tasks are actualized: such a bottle, first of all, should be convenient for storage in the refrigerator and suitable for long-term use, so that even after the first opening the package, the rest of the yogurt remained fresh - for this, the design   can be provided with special valves or convenient  lids.

We also focus on the  producer's needs and  take into account logistics tasks, because if the goods travel hundreds of kilometers, the issue of transportation cost is no less important. Unfortunately, not all forms are equally  saving in the  organization of supplies, so we create packaging that will not require a third of the budget for air transportation.

Packaging has the strongest influence on the  competitiveness of the product. It is she who invites the buyer to  dialogue, talks about the  quality of the product. Competent design of packaging and  labels helps to simulate a situation in which the buyer will feel the future need right in the store,  think ahead and  take the goods from the  shelf. This can be achieved in many ways, but each of them will be based on a well-developed brand complex.

The main elements of the packaging design are the same for everyone: brand logo, descriptor, perhaps a photo or elements of corporate identity, but depending on context,we can change them  ;priority, so that the design provides the right communication with the  buyer. Packaging is not a  searching for a beautiful composition, it's a  chess game with the mind of the consumer. The location of each element is always non-random; It matters on which shelf the product will be placed on and under the what lighting will be the contact of the package with consumer.
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