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Social media management
Full content development for your company's official social media accounts
Maintaining social networks or  SMM-management is a service for advertising support of the brand, within the framework of which we take on creation of photo and video content for official accounts of the company in  apps like  Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and  others.

Service description
The  advertising support service was developed by us with the   purpose to facilitate your  online access, because in order to build a dialogue with the  consumer, almost any company needs to declare itself in  open areas. Social networks play a crucial role in this issue. We'll take care of the public image of the brand so you can focus on your core business.

We provide social media services to our clients after the completion of the main set of works - that is, after creating a brand or   rebranding. This is important to build consistent communication. Without a brand platform, development strategy, corporate identity and  passport of standards, work on  accounts in social networks will be based on  unconfirmed hypotheses without a clear design. Such a result can be effective only at short distances and   will come down to   no after the inevitable mistakes that can be easily prevented with the help of the developed brand complex.

Working with  social networks, we rely on the  principles laid down in the brand complex. This approach allows you to build consistent communication without contradictions and bring the brand closer to the consumer. What do we offer:

  • Full account support: we define goals, develop a strategy and unified style for all social networks.
  • Creation of photo and video content: from posts to special projects. Regular professional photo and  video filming of material for  account maintenance with  retouching and  editing.
  • Setting up targeted advertising: increasing account activity, attracting an audience and  stimulating sales.
  • Influencer support: stimulating account activity by attracting relevant opinion leaders - bloggers.

Key milestones

  • Analysis of competitor accounts;
  • Portrait of the target audience;
  • Trend detection

  • Creation of an account development strategy;
  • Visual style development;
  • Setting up account logistics.

Content creation and maintenance
  • Creation of photo and   video content;
  • Account registration;
  • Publication of posts and  story;
  • Support for communication with  subscribers.

  • Profile administration;
  • Account moderation and  comments;
  • Filtering Direct Messages.

Targeted advertising
  • Planning of advertising campaigns;
  • Building an advertising funnel;
  • Preparation and testing of advertising creatives;
  • Setting up advertising campaigns;
  • Launch and   moderation of targeted advertising;
  • Checking the performance of Yandex.Metrica and  Google Analytics;
  • Preparation of reports.

Working with opinion leaders
  • Development of the concept of integration;
  • Search for bloggers by areas;
  • Analysis of the blogger's audience and its purchasing power;
  • Negotiations with bloggers;
  • Drafting of technical specifications;
  • Control of the carried out advertising integration;
  • Collection of results of advertising integration and  its analytics.
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