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Company and product
We will analyze the company and product to highlight your strengths and ensure a quick breakthrough
How does the market see your company? Sometimes the answer to this question completely changes the development strategy. Company analysis is a versatile tool for gathering information about the business, sales, and even competitors. This data helps highlight your strengths and market opportunities, which can help drive your growth.

The power of the interview
When we start working on a new project, we conduct a series of personal interviews with company executives and specialists. Communication takes place in the form of a free conversation without formal questionnaires and lists. On average, about 20 interviews are required. In addition to questions about a product or service, we talk about the history of the company, its business culture, mission and values. Such interviews allow you to learn the maximum about the processes within the company, synchronize a common understanding of goals and objectives. We organize work with your team in such a way that it does not interfere with current processes.

Process research
Depending on the objectives of the study, we ask you for existing data. For example, promotional materials, technology guidelines, sales figures, audience information, marketing plan, brand strategy and platform. Creating a new or tweaking an existing brand can have a significant impact on the product itself, so we're exploring clear and hidden business opportunities for future upgrades that until now have been taken for granted, but in fact have remained undervalued. It can be both material resources - raw materials, technologies and own developments, production capacities; and intangible - team competencies, patents and technologies, trademarks, contracts and distribution.

Search for the unique
We will study your product and follow it all the way from raw material supply to sales; we will analyze any area: from everyday products to asphalt plants and social projects. We will focus on identifying your unique strengths and building a brand mix based on your findings before we begin our competitor and customer research.
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