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Logo and style
The corporate identity translates the brand philosophy through visual approaches, and the logo is its starting point. We will send the approved version to Rospatent
Corporate identity is a system of visual elements that combines graphics, color schemes and illustrations. Thanks to the corporate identity, the brand is recognized in the market: it performs an aesthetic function and translates the philosophy through visual approaches. The logo is the starting point of the corporate identity, the expression of the brand in the form of a special style of the name, sign or combination of graphic elements.

Service description
Changing the brand development strategy: its values, character, audience - entails a change in communications. That is why, asking the question: "Who is our brand for?" - we should think about how the logo and corporate identity correspond to the received answer.

It is often difficult for business owners to understand design issues. This is due to the fact that the visual culture is constantly changing, and sooner or later almost any company is tempted to go into fashionable aesthetics, forgetting about the real consumer. In our approach, we explore trends, but apply them based on the needs of the brand: in one case, restrained solidity is important, in the other, a bold disposition and a constant change of scenery are needed.

We have already developed visual solutions for brands from very different market segments and we know exactly what needs each area has. We create a logo and corporate identity based on empirical research and market rules, audience needs and opportunities to increase sales.

Method of work
At all stages of working with a brand, we use the BRAND INSIGHT methodology. This approach helps to define a clear set of visual concepts that will have the desired predictive impact on the consumer. Using associative-functional cards, we translate the thoughts and expectations of your audience into symbols, for which we select the appropriate image.

We know very well how strong the temptation of a designer to create a memorable logo by adding a bright page to the portfolio, and how great is the reluctance of the client to pay for aesthetics without increasing profits. That is why we are carefully working on a design that will not only help identify the brand in the market, but will also be effective - it will enter the audience's value system and increase sales.

  • The logo creates associations that convey the values of the brand - it is them that the client reads on a subconscious level at the first contact;

  • Corporate identity develops the brand idea, reveals positioning and translates values at the symbol level;

  • The logo and corporate identity are developed by a creative team consisting of several designers and an illustrator, with the support of a brand strategist and a patent attorney. Thanks to teamwork, we check all visual solutions for semantic noise, copyrightability and compliance with general cultural and local traditions.

Key milestones
  • Setting the task based on the brand strategy;
  • Preparation of visual references;
  • Generation and selection of ideas;
  • Checking for relevance to the task;
  • Development of graphic elements;
  • Check for noise and negative associations;
  • Check for competitive purity;
  • Legal due diligence.

Number of options
Based on the brand development strategy, we freely generate images and ideas that could reflect the necessary meanings in visual communication. As a rule, approximately 10 draft versions of the future logo are obtained, which are then subjected to multi-stage verification:
—> after the first internal filter, there are about 5 options left;
—> after several stages of due diligence - 2-3 clean and free logos that are fully consistent with the task.

Whatever the logo of the future brand, it will become your intellectual property, and we are ready to take on not only its development, but also registration. At all stages related to the settlement of legal issues, we cooperate with the Uskov & Partners patent bureau, which organizes professional verification and registration of combined trademarks. Our agency also helps clients to negotiate with Rospatent and pay tax duties.

Basic Logo Creation Services
  • Company, product or service logo;
  • Corporate identity, guide book;
  • Security check: iso-examination;
  • Assistance in the registration of a trademark.

After approval and verification, the logo and corporate identity are sent for registration of a combined trademark, and we proceed to create a standards passport, which will collect all the rules and tools for using the brand identity.
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