Брендинговое агентство
Brand building
Brand development based on market research, verbal and visual identification - naming and registration of rights, corporate identity, logo, brand book
Almost all ships are created from the same logs, but some become frigates, while others become reliable rafts, and it cannot be said that one of them is definitely better. Each ship has its own way: some transport food, others raft down a turbulent river, and still others go on a trip around the world and cross the oceans. The whole point is that the architecture fits the purpose.

For example, a raft is stable but uncontrollable. It is ideal for measured sailing, but once in a storm, it will not be able to save the team - except perhaps the life of an accidental drowning man. What is the conclusion? Long distance travel requires something more reliable. At the same time, a massive frigate will become a burden when crossing the river: yes, it is beautiful and multifunctional, but it still strives to run aground with all its weight, and if this happens, it can no longer be pulled out. The same story in business: some companies enter the market raw and unprepared, and we will not say that each of them will fail, but most likely they will be forced to survive. Prosperity, in turn, requires effort and a combination of complex knowledge.

This section describes services that will translate the goals and objectives of the business into creative solutions and give it an external shell.
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