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Brand Research
Services section preceding the creative stage
In order for the ship to sail, it needs a map, and the new brand needs information about what is happening around, who is nearby and where we want to go. That is why we conduct research before developing each project. These works make it possible to form methods and evaluation criteria in order to understand in the future whether the wishes of consumers are satisfied.

The first step is an interview with the company's management and employees, studying internal documentation, and researching competitors. In carrying out this work, we often enter into a direct conversation with your client: we find out the wishes of specific people, compare them with the resources of your business, and understand how other players satisfy such requests. Next, we move on to the second stage - desk research and the search for the necessary market data.

At this moment, we analyze all the information received at the first stage, and also prepare conclusions and hypotheses for developing a brand strategy. For desk research, we turn to sources such as scientific papers, publications from the media and communication agencies, directories and catalogs, expert comments, search engines, promotional materials, industry exhibitions and events, price lists, information aggregators, reports from specialized associations, research agencies, industry organizations, research institutes, rating agencies, global online archives.
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