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Brand strategy
The brand strategy will demonstrate the holistic development of the company, its positioning and promotion in the market
A brand strategy allows you to holistically see the development of the company, its positioning and promotion in the market. This stage includes the development of an idea and the creation of a brand concept, determining the target audience and finding ways to interact with it, as well as many other factors that allow the company to occupy a profitable niche and increase awareness.

Service description
In the process of research, we record all ideas, facts, the most striking of which become insights, the main fuel for the brand strategy. Insight is the discovery of the hidden, unspoken truth about the needs of a person or group. As an intuitive breakthrough to understanding the problem, insight can greatly influence both the product itself and its properties, as well as the further formation of the brand. A brand strategy is a holistic vision of a business from an idea to communication tactics through a unified and understandable image for the consumer.

We will help you understand what product you offer and why people buy it. We won't tell you how to change the rules of the market - we'll show you how to make those rules work for you.

Brand strategy sections:

  • Product positioning
    Formulating the essence of a product or a functional niche, price and service positioning, tactics for setting yourself apart from competitors at the level of key features and benefits.

  • Assortment strategy and brand architecture
    Positioning and structuring of the assortment. Creation of a brand portfolio, a system of interaction between brands or services within a single business unit.

  • Identification of core values
    Search for audience motives at the intersection with product capabilities.

  • Target audience segmentation
    Formation of a strategy for attracting the core of the target audience, a plan for interaction with potential customers and groups of influence.

  • Positioning hypotheses
    The main task of this stage is the development of positioning - the search for the essence of the brand, the emotional niche that the product or service will occupy in the mind of the consumer in comparison with similar or competing offers.

    The myth of USP
    Nearly 90% of the top 100 brands do not have any unique advantage, technology monopoly, but each of them has positioning. The task of a brand strategy is not to come up with a USP, but to find a way to talk about a product in a new way. Even in the most highly competitive markets, there is room for focus. After the brand strategy stage, the company has a kind of personality and an understanding of why it is not like everyone around.

    The next stage is the systematization of the strategy, the creation of a brand platform. This will provide the necessary criteria for finding options and approving the results of the creative stage. In other words, make it noticeable.
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