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Advertising is the perfect way to remind the world of yourself once a brand is launched, and we know how it works
After launching a brand, you need to find an effective way to regularly remind the world of yourself. The ideal option is good advertising, and we help our clients to organize successful campaigns at all stages: from ideas to final layout of billboards.

Service description
Any advertisement begins with the development of a creative concept - a creative idea that will help attract the attention of the selected audience. It includes  images and messages that can affect the perception of your brand in the eyes of a potential consumer and cause certain emotions in it.

The creative concept is based on  brand strategy: only knowing exactly who your consumer is, what pains and  requests he has, we can understand how to build advertising communications. Of course, good ideas can  be born without a well-developed brand complex, but the  result of such campaigns is unpredictable. For example, people may remember your ad because it was catchy and brash, but if it didn't create a need, they won't buy anything.

When the creative concept is developed, we form a list of advertising media. It can include any objects of physical or virtual space that regularly come to the attention of the brand's audience. It is important that the carrier naturally enters the   daily life of a person and   does not require effort for   perception - only then does the advertisement work correctly. This approach helps to establish a stable association in the mind of the consumer, so that it is your brand that comes to his mind before the others.

Application points
Each of the  media types is specific, so any idea needs to be adapted to a given format. For example, let's take a billboard: the time of eye contact between a person and   this carrier is literally a few seconds, so the meanings should be read quickly - only in this way they will get into  consciousness. That's why we can only place two words on a big billboard near the highway, and it will be justified. At the same time, an advertising spread of a magazine can contain a detailed description of all the properties of the goods,  as it is in the field of attention of a potential buyer much longer. Sometimes, precisely defined media can even suggest in which direction a creative concept should be developed.

What types of media are used most often:

  • BTL are relatively traditional types of advertising in the  media, the Internet, crowded places,  they include outdoor and  transport advertising.

  • ATL are advertising based on human relationships: personal selling, industry events, exhibitions, sponsorship.

  • TTL are advertising media that have appeared in recent years with the  development of social networks. They include promotion in  networks, digital and  targeted advertising. The main emphasis is on personalization of advertising messages, which are selected not for a typical representative of one or another target audience, but for a specific user, based on his digital footprint.
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